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Simple Method to Make Colloidal Silver


Colloidal Silver is a powerful ant-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution that kills microbes in a short period of time. Colloidal Silver has been shown to kill the virus that causes AIDS, the MERS virus, the SARS virus and possibly the new Coronavirus known as Covid-19. You can make your own Colloidal Silver solution much cheaper than commercial Colloidal Silver. Follow the instructions below to make your own virus and bacteria killing solution.


To make colloidal silver solution you need the following –
1. 3 9-volt batteries
2. 2 alligator clips
3. 2 1 oz silver coins of .999 or .9999 purity. An alternative is US coins minted before 1965. Pre-1965 quarters, nickels and dimes have 80% silver, copper, zinc and a little tin. The copper and zinc shouldn't hurt you at the levels you will be consuming. Might help?
4. Distilled water
5. Pen or pencil
6. Red laser pointer
7. A mister/spray bottle and a glass or mason jar.


Unfortunately, Amazon has sold silver plated coins.Hopefully, without their knowledge. These coins only provide colloidal silver for a very short time before you will be making a colloidal solution that doesn't include silver. To assure you have a solid silver coin you can lenghten the time you charge the coins and you should see a yellow/golden color to your solution. If you increase the charging time and the solution doesn't turn a yellow color you may be dealing with a silver clad coin. The best way to avoid silver conterfeit coins is to use pre 1965 US coins.


To make colloidal silver take 2 9-volt batteries and put them next to each other. Take a 3rd battery and turn it upside down and connect the positive post to the negative of one of your side by side batteries. Then attach the negative post of the upside down battery to the positive post of the second side by side battery. Attach alligator clips to the positive and negative of the two side by side batteries and attach a silver coin to each lead.


Take a pencil or pen and wrap the leads with the coins around it so they hang down into your glass or mason jar and fill the glass or mason jar with distilled water until you reach the mid-point of your silver coins.


After the DC powered silver coins have been in the water 60 minutes or more shine your red laser pointer thru the distilled water to see the suspended silver. You should be able to see the laser light reflect off the suspended silver. The laser light should reflect off little particles of silver in solution across the entire jar or glass.


Fill your mister or spray bottle with the colloidal silver solution and drink or store the remaining solution in an amber or dark plastic or glass container. Colloidal silver is neutralized by sunshine and should be kept in a dark area. You should probably start with a few ounces of C silver per serving and work your way up to 8 ounces of colloidal silver twice a day.


A possible side effect of cleaning your body of pathogens is called the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. This reaction occurs due to the death of pathogens in your body. The body can't excrete the dead pathogens fast enough and this may lead to rashes and other symptoms that indicate your body is stressed from the excretion of the recently deceased fungi, bacteria and viruses. Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction appears to be a temporary condition and signals you should probably reduce your consumption of colloidal silver and consult your health professional.


A black coating will develop on the coin attached to the positive lead. Scrub this black coating off with a cloth or Scotchbrite pad, clean your jar and you are now ready to make another batch of colloidal silver solution.


If you don't want to use 9 volt batteries to make colloidal silver a train transformer will work. Make sure it puts out at least 16 volts DC power and there are two DC connections to attach to alligator clips and your two silver coins.


Your homemade colloidal silver solution should be potent for 5 to 7 days if you keep it out of the sunlight in a green or amber glass or plastic container. Spray your hands and dirty surfaces with your mister bottle of colloidal silver and discard after 7 days or if it turns a dark color.


You can also soak a bandana or scarf with your colloidal silver solution. This may help protect you from airborne viruses. Make sure to use a dark colored cloth that has one side not exposed to sunshine. Soak your bandana/scarf in new C silver solution every 5 to 7 days to keep its anti-viral properties working.


The above method should involve the consultation of a health professional. Probiotics or yogurt may be consumed to re-introduce gut friendly intestinal flora after consumption of colloidal silver.


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